Wednesday, March 06, 2013

I'm just a kid who gets his drinks from you and stands around and doesn't have a clue

Last Friday I dropped Togers off at his mom's (he's living with me now, by the way) and went to meet up with a friend for dinner.  There was a new bar that had opened up near his house that he wanted to check out, so we went there.  It was alright.

I ordered some food, and the bartender asked if I just wanted to start a tab.  I told her yeah, and that she could go ahead and put my friend's drinks on it as well.

He asked, "Are you sure?"

I said, "Yeah, just as long as you put out later."

After I finished my food, I saw that they actually had s'mores on the menu, so I had to get that for dessert.  She said that the banana nutella s'mores were her favorite, and that earlier in the day she'd been back in the kitchen licking every last bit off a plate.  When she brought it out I told her she could have some, so she dipped her finger in the melted marshmallow goo and nutella and licked it off as she walked away.

After that she kept coming back just to talk.  At one point my friend pointed out that she wasn't even talking to him when she came by, only me.  The next time she walked by she asked me to feel her arm.  My friend tried to convince me that she might be interested and that I should try to get her number.  I, however, know that she works for tips, so figured she was just being friendly since I was the one with the open tab.

Later, he went to the bathroom.  While he was gone, I started thinking about my most recent break up (the weekend after Valentine's Day - Awesome), when she came by and struck a pose mocking the serious look on my face.

I laughed, then she said, "Where did he go?" and motioned toward my friend's empty seat.

"I don't know.  I paid for his drinks and everything, then he just got up and left me all alone."

"Fucking men," she said.

I'm guessing she thought I was gay.