Saturday, May 16, 2009

At every occasion one brilliant day funeral

Friend: Want me to cheer you up by telling you the most horrible thing?

Me: Sure, I guess.

Friend: Ok, so you know [Friend of Hers] right?

Me: Yeah.

Friend: Well, his mom died last week.

Me: Yeah, I heard that.

Friend: So, today was the funeral, so he flew back home for that, and I called him today just to see how he was holding up. When he answered, he just sounded so sad, so I wanted to say something to try and get him to laugh. I can't believe I'm even telling you this. It's so horrible.

Me: Well you can't stop now.

Friend: Ok, so his mom wanted to be cremated for whatever reason, so when I was talking to him I asked, "So, how does your mom look?"

Me: That is like 10,000 times worse than the worst thing I've ever said to anybody.

Friend: I know! He's the only person in the world I would ever say that to, but it worked. It totally made him laugh. I might be going to Hell, but it was worth it for that.


Lindsay-Weaver said...

Funny. :)

kmwthay said...

I know she wanted to cheer up the other guy, but why do you need cheering up too? :(

Sending a virtual hug. Hugs help.

Anonymous said...

Did he snort her ashes???

Gypsy said...

Boy they must have a very good friendship to get away with that comment.

I will send a big hug too along with the hope that you are feeling more chipper soon.

starbender said...

Funerals just give me the creeps!

Sit by the casket and just listen to what people say at these things.'s terrible!

TROLL Y2K said...

Troll: How are you holding up?

Human: I'm still sad and I really miss my Father.

Troll: Was he buried at Shady Oaks?

Human: No, he requested cremation.

Troll: Not sure if you're ready to hear this, but there is a bright side to this.

Human: That he's no longer suffering and he's in heaven?

Troll: No, since he was cremated there's no way he's going to go Zombie.

2 Dollar Productions said...

Whatever works, eh? Nothing good can be said at funerals in my book, and this obviously worked, so I guess the risk was worth it. It took more nerve than I think I would have been able to command. Ha.

Boxer said...

Did Troll actually make me laugh out loud?

Death has a funny way of putting things in perspective. said...

willing to say something horrid just to make them laugh.... THAT'S a real friend!!!

BSH ADMIN said...

I am cringing, seriously. But mostly because I said something similar once about a black plastic garbage bag in the freezer. SO NOT FUNNY.