Thursday, May 21, 2009

Your racist friend

Driving in my car with my friend from Texas:

Him: That's a nice house.

Me: I know you just said, "That's a nice house", but with your accent, it sounded like you said, "That's a nice ass."

Him: So?

Me: So we just passed that 13 year old girl who was riding her bike on the other side of the street, pedophile.

Him: I'm no pedophile, racist!

Me: Racist? How does that make me racist?

Him: You're anti-Texan.

Me: Pretty sure Texan isn't a race, dude.

Him: Neither is New Zealander. But that didn't stop that guy from refusing to give Bret and Jemaine their fruit*.

*Even though they did get it in the end.


silentkid said...


kmwthay said...

I wouldn't say I'm anti-Texan. However, I strongly dislike any self proclaimed Longhorn. Just as any Longhorn strongly dislikes any self proclaimed Sooner.

Funny story though.

Nan-Nan said...

Now THAT was some down-right funny!! Thanks for the laugh!