Monday, June 22, 2009

We could go and float around in our favorite swimming ground

My ex-wife called me on Saturday night to make plans for Father's Day. She told me that the kids wanted to come to my house and go swimming, and asked if that would be okay if they all came over for that. She volunteered to cook dinner at my house if she could come too. I said that'd be fine.

Tortellini called me yesterday afternoon to see if I could come get them, so I drove over to their house. My ex-wife still had a few things to put together for the meal she was going to fix at my place, so she said just to take the kids and go and she'd come over later. I did, and when we got to my house we went straight to the pool.

My ex-wife showed up a little while later. She sat down poolside and grabbed my phone to check the time. I asked her to check my phone for any text messages while she had it. It turned out I had missed one. From her.

Ex: There's just a message here from someone named [Ex's Name] that says 'I'll be there in a few, what's the gate code?'

Tortellini (sarcastically): Oooooohhhhh. You got a text from [Ex's Name]? Who's that? Huh, Dad?

Me: Oh, her? That's just some crazy bitch that won't stop calling me.

I truly am the world's greatest father.


kmwthay said...

I love your pool stories. I think they just might be my favorite stories you tell.

I wish I had your timing for clever comments.
My clever comments come about 20minutes after the conversation ends.

Boxer said...

did you miss a booty call?

Anonymous said...

Hamburger Helper?

Manuel said...

yes, yes you are

they will make movies about you one day.....educational movies........heh

Native Minnow said...

Kmwthay, I'll try to work some more in then.

Boxer, a booty call from my ex-wife? I'd rather be shot in the face with a six-barrel shotgun.

Anonymous, lasagne. And not the kind that comes in a box ;-)

Manuel, I'm just glad you're back!

Bill From Gainesville said...

My ex wife gave me a microwave oven. (via my kids) She stole it I think...