Tuesday, June 09, 2009

While their tasks are aligning their minds are deciding

Do you like to doodle? Do you bore easily? If so, I've got the perfect activity* for you to try.

First you take a piece of paper (or in this case, a bar napkin), fold it in half, and draw something on the bottom half of it. Be careful not to let anyone else see what you're drawing.

Once you're finished with your half of the picture, keep it folded but mark the locations where parts of your drawing end so the person who draws the top half will know where to begin.

Then, hand the paper/napkin to one of your friends, and have them complete the picture without knowing what you drew on the bottom.

Here are the results from when I recently played this game with some of my friends:

Sumo Ballerina

Hard Luck Alien Duck

Charlie Brown Cheerleader Chick

Alien EggShell Halibut Man

Fortune Telling Mer-Bird

I don't even know what this is

*It's the perfect thing to do whether you're chilling out with friends at the bar, sitting with your family in church, or trying to avoid falling asleep in class.


Heff said...

I use to draw shit like that BY MYSELF back when I smoked pot.

steph said...

now that is an awesome idea.

Boxer said...

btw, I thought of "stalking" you too, but we were only in L.V long enough to get a car and get out.

kmwthay said...

When I drink at the bar I usually end up tearing the cardboard beer mat into teeny bits. I tear up all of them at the table and make a mountian. I think it must be a nervous habit. I should try this drawing thing instead and see where that goes.

2 Dollar Productions said...

Good stuff. The sumo ballerina is my favorite, although any of them are far more advanced than I could draw as stick figures extend beyond my reach. Ugly.

TROLL Y2K said...

Very clever. I could see this idea being fleshed-out into a website game.

Lightning Strikes said...

I'm so gonna have to try this with my friends lol

Amber said...

this is a fun game - I wish I had some bar napkins and friends right now! alright I wish I had friends period LOL j/k ;> love the drawlings!

PsychDoctor said...

Native Minnow...you need to start a PostSecret like blog where readers send in their composite drawings...It would be cool...and you could make money on advertising... :)