Friday, July 24, 2009

It's a new generation telling it the way they feel

I logged into facebook a couple of days ago and saw this as Togers' status update:

"This one time, I beat up a hooker, she was bleeding everywhere. One Shamwow, cleaned up the whole mess. Ring it out, you could do it again"

It shows how up to date Togers is on not so current events.

It may be my proudest moment as a father.


Boxer said...

perhaps you should log on more regularly?

kmwthay said...

that is really funny. I use these social networking things to see just what my sisters are up to. It makes me miss being a teenager.

Amber said...

your children are pricelessly funny :>

Haiku Master said...

Crazy diamond shines
brightest on dark side of moon
like profit's daughter.

Bill From Gainesville said...

He is quite the story teller. Pretty sure a shamwow could only clean the blood up from one dead hooker

Anonymous said...

From now on, I will mock him for writing "ring" not "wring"