Sunday, August 16, 2009

You've been hit by a smooth criminal

Tortellini recorded this on the morning my kids left town:

Mr M really wanted me to buy him that hat while we were out shopping for school clothes.

"Dad, how much money do you got?"

"Dad, how much is this hat?"

"Dad, are you bankrupt?"

"Dad, do I look like Michael Jackson in this hat?"

Tortellini and I decided that it was so cute that I had to get it for him. He wore it for two straight days, and showed everyone his "Michael Jackson Face".

My roommate came downstairs the other morning and Mr M had the hat on.

Roommate: Hello Michael.

Mr M: My name isn't Michael.

Me: He was just saying that because you look so much like Michael Jackson that it's hard to tell the two of you apart.

Mr M: I don't look like Michael Jackson. I don't have really, really, really white skin.


kmwthay said...

That boy of yours is wise beyond his years. That might be the best Michael Jackson face I've ever seen. Even without really, really, really white skin. :)

Anonymous said...


Did you tell him you were morally bankrupt?

KayDee said...

I love that wonder you're going to miss him.

Boxer said...

he's clearly has a future in entertainment.

2 Dollar Productions said...

Ha. I wish I could look cool in a hat. Smart move shelling out for it.

TROLL Y2K said...

The "face" was eerily accurate!

Amber said...

that kid is pure gold!

Heff said...

Michael would've loved him. Um, yeah.

Lightning Strikes said...

lol cracks me up!!! Love that kid!