Thursday, April 08, 2010

The sporting life

Reason # 3,128 why I love NBA quotes comes from ESPN's recap of last night's Jazz vs. Rockets game:

"We were touching a lot of balls, we were deflecting a lot of passes," said Scola, who had five rebounds, two steals and a block. "We pretty much controlled the whole game."

There you have it - All it takes to win in the NBA is to touch a lot of balls.


Heff said...

Touching a lot of balls, YET deflecting a lot of passes.

Double entendre indeed. Just another example of why I've never understood that game.

Amber said...

see you really are an NBA Star! LOL j/k (I couldn't resist)

Boxer said...

you just wanted to say "touch" and "balls" in the same sentence, didn't you?

elbee said...


vivalacrap said...

So how come I am not an NBA star, huh? Lies. All lies. I bet ESPN is owned by Fox News.