Monday, May 10, 2010

So you can take this cookie, and stick it up your . . . yeah

Yesterday, while at the grocery store with a friend, I found some cookies that looked pretty good. My friend said that she probably shouldn't eat one because she's trying to lose weight, but then read the label and said that she'd have to try at least one because they were "enrobed in chocolate."

When we got to the check out line, a man brought a few items to hand to the woman in front of us. He held up a package of cookies and she said no. He said, "please?" but she still said no. Dejectedly, he handed her whatever she'd sent him to get, and walked back to the cookie aisle to put them back.

The cashier finished up with them, and then grabbed my things to scan.

My friend said, "No cookies. No." Basically to make fun of the woman in front of us.

The cashier looked at her and laughed.

My friend said, "I'm just kidding. I don't own him like that."

I said, "I'm probably not going to share my cookies with you anyway."

"That's okay. Maybe I don't want them. Your cookies are 'enrobed' in sin."

I turned to the cashier and said, "That's the best way to be enrobed."

She blushed. Understandable, since she had no idea what the 'enrobed' joke was about anyway.


Heff said...

"enrobed" just sounds so....DIRTY....

Boxer said...

Heff is right.

Also, the guy who asked his wife for cookies?

I D I O T.

daisy said...

That is why I will never get married. A life without cookies is no life at all.

Amber said...

that is so sad, I feel sorry for the guy who didn't get cookies, and he even said please!!

Michele1L said...

I love your labels. Good story, although I prefer un-robed cookies myself.