Wednesday, June 02, 2010

You're coming off kind of contrived and pretentious, you're not saying anything we haven't heard before

Once again, it's time to share the highlights from my TA evaluations from last semester. As always, these are taken verbatim from the evaluations themselves.

Laboratory Activities
What was your favorite lab exercise? Why?
- The video, because it doesn't stink.
- Disection*, because it is dirty and exciting.
- Leaving, because it was always late.
- Ugh, none! Labs were just very boring.

Which lab experience was most informative and educational for you?
- Disection because I can do it and touching

What was your least favorite lab exercise? Why?
- Disections, because the stink.
- Anything w/ plants -- hella boring!
- Earthworm dissection and looking at live flat worms because both creep me out.

What is the major weakness of the [biology] lab?
- The only thing I didn't like was the detailedness of the quizzes.
- It's too hard (that's what she said?)

What is the major strength of the [biology] lab?
- Actual action take and tangible to all senses.
- [Minnow] is just a big bucket of win

Laboratory Instructor
In general, how would you rate your lab instructor as a teacher?
- A for awesome
- Damn, he's good (maybe because he's young?)
- Nothing special either way
- Kept me awake

How would you assess your lab instructor's ability in making things understandable and their willingness to help?
- A for always helping
- Godly

Assess your lab instructor's knowledge about the topics covered.
- A for abundance of knowledge
- He's a smartie-pants.
- Knew pretty much everything - I mean he is a doctor!!
- Again, he is a plethora of knowledge, or maybe even a cornacopia.
- Knew more than I knew, answered things

Assess your lab instructor's examination policy, fairness, and grading.
- B for Boy some of those quizzes are hard

What were his/her strong points?
- He got an attitude (in a nice way)

How could he/she improve?,
- Not allow and/or engage in so many loud and disruptive conversations that do not pertain to lab.
- He is at his MAX!
- Somehow make preservatives (for disections) smell like flowers or something.
- "insert mean statement"
- Not to blast the A/C when driving [on the field trip].
- Nothing that I can think of, even my best friend who joined our lab commented on your greatness ;)
- Maybe go the the gym a little
- talks too much, which wastes lab time
- Be more cool
- psst . . . make the quizzes easier

*Apparently I need to do a better job of teaching these students how to spell 'dissection'


AnoMALIE said...

"Godly?" Oooo! Sounds like someone had a crush! :) (watch it be a boy... I BET it's a boy! because I'm always wrong)

Amber said...

you ARE a big bucket of win and a cornucopia of knowledge! LOL

Boxer said...

when I was in college all we were asked if,

"did your TA actually show up".

Boxer said...

we were never asked about the professor or instructor.

steph said...

a big bucket of win. i love it. are these anonymous?
also love the talking too much.

elbee said...

seriously man, be an equal-gender lover! TIME TO CAPITALIZE!

Heff said...

I just like the term "hella boring".

2 Dollar Productions said...

First, I dig the ice pick in the Sharon Stone suite. Pretty cool. And I always like the TA eval posts. I would get shirts printed up that say something like "Take Minnow's Class" on the Front & on the back it would read "It's dirty and exciting."

mindy said...

These may be the greatest reviews ever! "B for Boy some of those quizzes are hard," really goes above and beyond the call of duty, I think. And I hope to use "big bucket of win" multiple times tomorrow.

vivalacrap said...

Wow I really need to get on the ball with making my evals more creative. The science department sounds more fun than liberal arts.