Monday, December 27, 2010

I got game

Tonight, Togers and I taught Mr M how to play Mancala. In one of the games I started beating him pretty handily, and started taunting him*.

In a sing-songy voice I said, "I'm going to win. Ha ha ha ha ha ha."

He said, "Maybe not. I have a trick up my sleeve. It's called flipping the board over."

*Because I'm such a great father.

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Bill From Gainesville said...

I also ragged on my son at XMAS (the Madden 11 game was different then his old 09 version and he was learning the nuances) He actually began tearing up a little, so naturally that was when I turned up the heat on him because seriously, a ten year old crying over a video game? its an abomination. My X-wife believed I should lay off ... I disagreed (figure my role is to toughen him up, hers is to be soft) It ended well though when he figured it out later and Kicked my Ass on that thing and then ran some trash talk back at me.