Saturday, May 14, 2011

And over the world am I

I've been making a conscious effort to shed a few pounds. I'm not on a crash diet or anything, but I am paying better attention to how much I eat, and am trying to get some exercise in a couple of times a week. There's a nice little trail that runs real close to my house, and it's fairly scenic. The other day I took a few pictures.

2 blocks from my house:

3 miles from my house:

If you're jealous, don't be. The scenery is great, but living here pretty much sucks. At least when one has few friends and little money.


Boxer said...

This looks perfect for someone my age. Not yours. I get why you're wishing for a change.

Still what a beautiful part of the country you live in.

Wowsers said...

Still I can't help but be jealous - those moutains are beautiful. Do you swim there?

AnoMALIE said...

mmm... nope, still jealous. :)

Inklings said...

I feel the same way living here, so I get it.

Michele1L said...

The third photo is amazing! :)

Native Minnow said...

Boxer, it is beautiful, no question.

Wowser, I don't know if I'd want to swim in this water, it's pretty gross. I mean, I've done it before, but probably won't be making a habit of it this summer.

Anomalie, you can come visit anytime, but then you'd see how boring it really is.

Inklings, I know. I know.

Michele, I did quite like that one. Glad you did too.

Lightning Strikes said...

I know how you feel. But just know that it'll get better after you give it some time and get a chance to get out and meet people.