Monday, August 29, 2011

The whole wide world is at it again, showing me how it feels good to bleed

You know how sometimes life is really shitty, and you keep trying to do things to make it less shitty, but none of those things seem to work, and things just get shittier and shittier? That.

I won't go into all the reasons why, but I had planned on moving last week, to a much nicer place, albeit with a longer commute, but the whole thing fell through on moving day. So, as I finished loading the U-Haul, I found out I had no place to go, but still had to be out of the old apartment by the next day as they had new tenants moving in the following week. The solution? All my shit is now piled up in my brother's garage, and I'm living out of boxes in his basement until I figure something else out.

Good times.

I am still alive though. Thought some of you might be happy to at least hear that part.


Dee Ice Hole said...

I am happy to hear that---sorry things went south---hope you get things figured out soon.

E said...

At least you have a brother with a garage and a basement close by. There's that.

Inklings said...

It will work out, even though it looks grim right now. Any leads on a new place yet?

Boxer said...

most important? you have clearly have a wonderful family that actually cares about you... and bloggy and F.B. friends that also do.