Tuesday, July 03, 2012

That's the way it should be

Things I did last weekend to try and get over being "subdued."

Hiked to a waterfall. No, I didn't propose to anyone there. This time.

Drove to Bear Lake and spent some time on the beach, followed by a raspberry shake before heading back home.

Went on a very hot, very dusty hike to Lake Blanche. Might have done some damage to my knee along the way, but it was still worth it.

Went and looked at dinosaur bones. Didn't see my own there, so I guess I'm doing alright after all.

And of course, I self-medicated with candy. Lots and lots of candy.
No, you can't have any.


Anonymous said...

You totally proposed to Mike at the waterfall. Don't lie.

Inklings said...

I hope you didn't hurt your knee. Candy can't make that all better.

Native Minnow said...

I'll lie whenever I want, "Anonymous". Ha.

Inklings, I think I did. It hurts every time I push it and it's been a month.

~Kris said...

You forgot eating Mexican food with me. I'm offended.

Dee Ice Hole said...

Get your knee checked.