Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The black book you took was permanently diversified

You know what I absolutely love? Besides candy that is. And boobs. No? Well, let me tell you. I absolutely love document delivery services (aka, interlibrary loan).

Sure, you're supposed to only use document delivery services if you've searched the library catalog without finding the book/chapter/article/document you're looking for. But you know what? If you're lazy (like me), you can request something without doing that first. If the library doesn't have it, they'll find it somewhere and email a pdf to you within a few days. If they do have it, they'll send you an email telling you that they have it and also tell you where to go find it. In other words, they do all the work.

Now, if I could just get one of them to write and defend my dissertation.


mammal girl said...

you can also use them to get you hard-to-find movies that aren't available through netflix :)

as i have done in the past.

silentkid said...

Man. We have a lot in common. We both like candy and boobs. Candy-coated boobs. Can interlibrary loan get you some titays?

2 Dollar Productions said...

I love full-service services as they make life so much more enjoyable when they work well.

But you don't want them defending your paper as only you can dig in hard enough scare away any pompous naysayers (sp?). Don't trust a computer service with that one.

Michael said...

Forget interlibrary loan. Just use MIT's Automatic Research Paper Generator.

It currently only works for Computer Science, but I'm sure Biology is on the way. A paper generated by this program was actually accepted as a "non-reviewed" paper at an academic conference. So there is hope for you, after all.

BTW, I'm impressed with your ability to call up obscure lyrics as post titles. I knew this one but couldn't place it. Had to Google the Malkmus...

Boxer said...

I like Candy and the nice lady at the Cleaners who takes my things and gives them back clean and nice smelling. That's all the service I need.

Native Minnow said...

Mammal Girl, hadn't thought of that. I should utilize that aspect more often.

Silent Kid, I wonder if those would've been honor code approved.

$2, how about just to write it then and I'll defend.

Michael, that's crazy. And about the obscure lyrics, sometimes (like today) I have to cheat and type a certain word into my itunes to see what pops up. Then I quickly listen to something that I think will fit just to see. Not so impressive now, eh?

Boxer, I need a lot more service than that, preferably from a girl named Candy ;-)

Anonymous said...

I think your impressive Minnow, ROAR!!!

Anonymous said...

I mean RAWR!!!

BSH ADMIN said...

Anon-- I think you mean you're.


Hi, I'm the grammar police. WHAT?