Monday, February 02, 2009

Hey monkey, when you open up your blue eyes I don't know if I'm wide awake or dreaming

During one of the Superbowl commercials:

Me: That's gross. I'd never kiss a monkey.

Flieswithoutwings: Never?

Me: Wait. I take that back. If they paid me the amount of money they paid that guy to be in their commercial, I'd totally kiss a monkey.

Flieswithoutwings: I think you'd probably kiss a monkey for a couple hundred dollars.


mammal girl said...

i would totes kiss a monkey for free.

no foolin'. :)

Lindsay-Weaver said...

I think he's probably right. :)

BSH ADMIN said...

Yeah, come on-- monkeys are cute! $50.

Boxer said...

I got no problem smooching a monkey.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that there were three commercials featuring monkeys during the first five minutes of the Super Bowl, so I immediately created a drinking game: "You see a monkey. You drink."

I was certain I'd come up with the most brilliant Super Bowl commercial drinking game ever.

Alas... there were warthogs and ostriches and horses and dalmations, but not even ONE more monkey during the entire game.

So when the GoDaddy commercial came on, I just pointed at the chick's boobs and yelled, "MONKEY!!! Everyone DRINK!"

This is a long story so that I can gush and tell you that I just found your blog and it's my new favorite.

Native Minnow said...

Mammal Girl, that doesn't surprise me.

L-W, he probably is.

BSH, I'm going to need more than $50. They're not that cute. Same goes for ugly girls.

Boxer, what if it required tongue?

DSBarringer, you can always count on a lot of animals to appear in superbowl commercials. Maybe you should just alter the drinking game to animals (and remember, humans are animals too). Also, welcome, and thanks. said...

Ahhhh. forget the kissing, the real question is would you buy the monkey flowers & introduce it to your parents?

Manuel said...

I'd kiss a monkey for the hell of it, no money required.....actually I have kissed many monkeys over the years......[shudder]

thank you for your words the other day......all the comments mean a lot