Thursday, April 09, 2009

Hello hello I'm at a place called vertigo

A friend of mine got dizzy while doing yoga the other day. He didn't think much about it, but was still feeling weird a day or two later, so figured he ought to go see the doctor.

The doctor told him he had a case of positional vertigo.

My friend asked the doctor if there was anything he should do to prevent that from recurring.

The doctor said, "Do less yoga, drink more beer."

How many people would kill to be able to get that prescription?


girl with no name said...

that is awesome. i want his doctor.

Heff said...

"Drink more beer" ? Seriously ?

Boxer said...

better than; brain surgery.

kmwthay said...

Last time I had vertigo it was the worst when I was laying down. I slept upright on the couch for three weeks. It sucked. Maybe I should have had a beer. But that sounds rediculous. said...

Yeah, I'd like his doctor please.