Monday, May 11, 2009

But if I can't change your mind then no-one will

A few weeks ago I was having a particularly frustrating day with my kids. A friend of mine had offered to pick them up from school and take them to her place for the afternoon. However, she got in a bit of a panic when she showed up and had trouble finding them. It turns out that one of them had forgotten that she was going to pick them up, and started walking home after school instead of watching for her car. My friend ended up getting them all, but not for another half hour, after several phone calls back and forth with me to try to figure out where they might be.

Once I was off the phone for good, one of my co-workers sensed my frustration, and gave me an inquisitive look to find out what was going on.

Me: Seriously dude, don't ever have kids.

Him: Ok. Well I have to say, I can't guarantee that I'll never have a kid.

Me: True. But take every precaution you can. Just trust me on this.

Him: So I'm guessing you haven't heard the news that my wife is pregnant?

Me: Oh. Congratulations?


Native Minnow said...

Just kidding kids. I love you!


kmwthay said...

I'm scared of having kids. I don't know if kids will ever be in the cards for me. I like them ok and for some reason, all children seem to gravitate toward me when I'm around them. I just figured if I was going to have them, I'd have done it by now. Not getting any younger!

Manuel said...

hahahahahaha you really do have foot n mouth disease...... said...

I love when you stick you foot that far down your throat. It brings me great pleasure.

Boxer said...


That's something I'd say.

And, we all know you love your kids.

2 Dollar Productions said...

Ha. I wish you could have snapped a pic of the co-workers face when this was revealed as that is just impeccable timing.

Amber said...

classic, I do this all the time, it's a very unfortunate habit of mine LOL