Monday, May 25, 2009

He scares me so, like I scare myself

We went on a road trip for Memorial Day weekend. I dropped the two oldest kids off with friends, and Mr M and I went to visit my sisters. It turns out that Mr M is an inquisitive little bugger when he's got me all to himself. Here's a sample of the ten billion questions he asked while we were driving:

"Dad, why do we need atmosphere?"

"Dad, what year did we get water on earth? Was it like 1944?"

"Dad, what would it feel like to jump through a cloud?"

"Dad, what would happen if lightning struck lava? Would both of them just get hotter?"

"Dad, what would happen if I jumped out of a car while it was moving really fast?"

"Dad, is there food in space?"

"Dad, how can you make snow turn into an avalanche?"

"Dad, how hard would it be to blow up the moon? Could you do it with an atomic bomb?"

"Dad, what would happen if that whole mountain fell down when we were right next to it? Would the trees fall too?"

"Dad, what if the sun went out? Could we just eat frozen ham from a dead pig to survive?"

"Dad, what would happen if you killed everyone but yourself?"

"Dad, what would happen if you cut off somebody's legs?"

"Dad, is Hitler part of God?"

As you can see, as the drive went on, I began to believe more and more that it might be time to start worrying about the kid.


It's worth mentioning that there were a few moments of silence that came when Mr M decided that he wanted to be like a dog and have some wind blowing in his face:


TROLL Y2K said...

Until this moment, I was firmly against giving children Ritalin and Prozak.

Inklings said...

He's a thinker, at least. :0)

BSH ADMIN said...

I have often wondered what if the sun went out? Could we just eat frozen ham from a dead pig to survive?

Good little mind he has.

kmwthay said...

this mad me laugh out loud.

I like, What would happen if lightening struck lava? Would both of them just get hotter?

Kids are cool.

girl with no name said...

I love kid questions...they are so unself-conscious! So...IS Hitler a part of God? (awesome question, btw!)

Inklings said...

By the way, in this picture he looks like his mom to me, only with dark coloring.

Boxer said...

were you able to answer any of them?

He's seriously cute, btw.

steph said...

how hard WOULD it be to blow up the moon?

Lightning Strikes said...

Lol LOVE Mr M's questions!! Heehee...curious though...what did you answer??

Amber said...

well??? we're waiting for the answers! ;>

Native Minnow said...

Here were my answers:

- We need atmosphere so that we have oxygen to breathe, and to protect us from the sun's radiation.

- The earth's probably had water on it for about 4 billion years.

- It'd probably feel pretty wet and cold since a cloud is made up of water vapor.

- I don't know, but they probably would both get hotter. There might even be an explosion. That'd be pretty cool.

- You'd probably die, or at the very least break a whole bunch of your bones.

- There's no food in space, mostly just ice and rocks, but you could take your own food to space if you went.

- You can make snow turn into an avalanche by making a lot of loud noises. Sometimes a shout is enough, sometimes they fire cannons to make it happen.

- You could probably blow up the moon with an atomic bomb, but it'd have to be a big one, and why would you want to? (His response to that was because he liked daytime better.)

- The trees would fall, but the mountain isn't going to fall anytime soon.

- If the sun went out then all life on earth would die off. We could probably eat some frozen ham, but eventually the food would run out. (His response to that was that we could just eat a frozen cow after there were no more pigs. Then maybe frozen horses.)

- I don't want you even talking about killing people, so we're not going to go into that, okay?

- If you cut somebody's legs off, they'd probably bleed to death.

- Hitler is about as far away from God as you could get. (Q: So is Hitler the devil? A: He'd be closer to the devil than he would be to God.)

Bill From Gainesville said...

You are a wise man. I would have told him that if you try to jump through clouds you will probably bounce off as that is our natural resource for cotton balls. DUHH

Sour Cream said...

Yo! Send me all the pictures from the trip pretty please?! I love that picture of Mason too. He's got this look on his face like, 'yeah, I'm sexy, soo?' ha(:

2 Dollar Productions said...

Inqusitive is good as I'd prefer that to comatose (sp?) staring out the window - at least for the first hour of the trip. Ha. And several of those would have stumped me for answers. said...

Your kid rules.

Nene said...

I think it's pretty cool that he asks you all these questions, firmly believing that you know all the answers. :0)

Anonymous said...

and from meteorites...without an atmosphere, we would be getting hit by stuff left and right...

Gypsy said...

I always get the sex questions when we're driving. It's very disconcerting.