Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let's go for a ride

I told you a little bit about the drive, now it's time to show you a glimpse at the rest of my Memorial Day weekend.

There was plenty of rain:

That meant time indoors, talking on the phone and playing checkers:

There was a lot of quality time spent with Domo:

Quality time spent with a lizard:

And quality time with two of my nieces, one of whom thinks she's a kitty cat:

And one who refuses to crawl:

But gets around just fine doing a little butt scoot:

There was even a brief stop at my birthplace:

It was a pretty good weekend.


kmwthay said...

What a cute family. Except for Domo. He scares me. There is nothing wrong with little girls who think they are kitty cats. It's when they start thinking they are Pussycat Dolls that you should start to worry.

Glad your weekend was fun and full of questions. Good think you know all about science!

steph said...

I love that rain picture.

Boxer said...

did you have your kids when you were 12?

Sour Cream said...

I took the rain one, Logan pictures, and Domo picture(:

What's good? I'm good.

Native Minnow said...

Kmwthay, Domo's perfectly harmless. Don't let the teeth frighten you.

Steph, Tortellini took that while we were driving. It turned out well.

Boxer, pretty close. Tortellini was born a few days before my nineteenth b-day.

Sour Cream, check your text messages, genius.

Gypsy said...

I LOVE the butt scoot. One of my sisters used to do that and she got around just fine.

Amber said...

love it - looks like a good time :)

Lightning Strikes said...

Lol I love her little butt scoot!!! Its cute! And I love your kids! They're great! Tortellini did a good job the pictures!! I think she takes after you in that area!