Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fishing in the dark

At a restaurant in downtown Boise:

Me: How long does it take to get to Moscow from here?
Waitress: I'd say about five to seven hours. Why? Are you going to U of I to tear it up?
Me: Actually, that is where we're heading.
Waitress: Oh really? What for?
Friend: We're going to a conference.
Waitress: What kind of conference?
Friend: We're biologists, so we're going to conference for that.
Waitress: Oh, does that mean you guys study some kind of cool snails or something?
Friend: He studies fish and I study bats.
Waitress: Bass?
Friend: Bats.
Waitress: Bass.
Friend (moving his arms so as to simulate flight): Bats.
Waitress: Bass and fish are pretty much the same thing.
Friend: I'm a biologist. I know the difference.


Anonymous said...

And that's why you're a Biologist and she's a waitress.....

Boxer said...

was she hawt?

Bill From Gainesville said...

first of all she has a valid point, Bass and Fish are real close to being the same thing. A fish might not be a bass, but a bass is damn sure a fish and I am not even a biologist and know that!
Plus as a side note shouldnt a biologist really know about all types of biology? it seems like if you are a BAT biologist you have really limited your Job choices.
UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATOR: "we are looking for a biologist that is familiar with all types of Mammals to be a professor at our university"
YOUR FRIEND THE BAT BIOLOGIST: "sorry, I am fluent in Flying Mammals, but all the other Mammals just confuse me, what with there procreating and hair and stuff".

Sour Cream said...

The world today is ridiculous.

Not just because of that.
But seriously now. said...

Those are the type of people that make me look brilliant. Thank fuck for every single one of them.

kmwthay said...

Trying to think of a clever comment involving vampires or baseball, but I got nuthin.

Happy weekend.

silentkid said...

Your friend should have shown her the bat wing. Then she would have gotten the idea.