Friday, June 19, 2009

The whole valley looks like someone's body, and all the people look like little scars

One more post about my trip to Idaho, and then I'll shut up about it. I swear.

I met the Evilutionary Biologist. Pretty cool guy, although I had no idea that he'd be so ultra-competitive when playing shuffleboard on a warped shuffleboard table. He and JC Marshall (who did a post-doc at Yale) beat me and my friend in every game we played. When I voiced frustration to JC Marshall about that he said, "That's what happens when you go up against two members of Skull & Bones."

"You're not in Skull & Bones though."

"I cannot confirm nor deny that."


A mini Reese's peanut butter cup is probably not worth crashing your car into the Salmon River over, just because you are trying to unwrap that rather than focus on staying on the road.

However, that didn't stop me from trying.

You may be thinking that it's time for an intervention, but I'm not an addict. I can quit anytime I want.


Nothing illustrates a person's glaring lack of intellect more than saying "These species have been shown to show . . ." during their talk.

And yes, I really said that.

The moral of this story? I am an idiot.


And of course, some pictures from the road:

We drove through a real gullywasher (several actually - I'm not used to standing water on the highway)

And passed a stretch of a historically important trail

We spent a little time in downtown Boise

Spent an afternoon checking out Palouse Falls

And the channeled scablands of eastern Washington

The Palouse

There were plenty of wildflowers

And other scenic views along the way

Go ahead and admit that you're a little jealous. It's okay.


Anonymous said...

great pics. i am jealous.

Anonymous said...

I'm seriously jealous. You know how much I love pretty pictures and they were great. You certainly saw some magic scenery you lucky bugger.

steph said...

gullywasher! i thought i was a huge weather nerd but i had never heard of that term.

Inklings said...

Great pictures - we get to travel vicariously with you.

Nene said...

Loved the picture of the falls! And yes, I am jealous.

TROLL Y2K said...

You'd have smoked those Ivy League wussies at REAL shuffleboard!

Science Quiz at TTR. NO cheating!

Boxer said...

I've been Boise and I think it's a pretty cool place, for.... Idaho. But you can't beat the beautiful scenery and I loved the video of the rushing river.

and by the way?

you can't quit. Admit it and go to Costco and buy a family pack of those things.

(I've liked your posts about Idaho, where are you going next?)

Inklings said...

By the way, you didn't climb that bridge, did you?

Amber said...

wow, who'd have thought Boise would be so pretty - I just thought it was big potato fields ;> j/k