Saturday, July 04, 2009

Well, I shuffled through the city on the 4th of July, I had a firecracker ready to blow

I'm visiting my parents for the 4th of July. Earlier today, we went downtown to take a look at an antique car show, and a few of the other festivities at the city park. After a short while, I told my brother that there weren't any hot girls, so I might as well go back home.

Him: What do you have against hometown hotties?

Me: I don't have anything against them. There just aren't any.

Him: Sure there are.

Me: Go ahead. Find me one hot girl who doesn't have a child or a husband in tow.

Approximately five minutes later.

Him: Hmmm. Do they have to be out of high school?

Me: This place is teeming with cops, so I'm going to have to say yes.


KayDee said...

You crack me up NM. Happy 4th July....sorry it couldn't have been a bit happier for you in the hottie department :(

Heff said...

Yes, by all means, try and stay ABOVE hishschool aged chicks, although the ARE fun to look at.

2 Dollar Productions said...

4th of July is usually a great place to spot them, so it sounds like rotten luck. And nice Ryan Adams line pull for the title . . . Ha.

Thomas Hardy said...

You can never go home again.

Thomas Wolfe said...

You can never go home again, again.