Thursday, October 29, 2009

The flowers of naivete buried in a layer of frost

Friend: You're getting on my last nerve, [Minnow]!

Me: That's obvious.

Friend: What? You think just because you passed your dissertation defense that all of a sudden you can just be an asshole?

Me: I've been an asshole as long as you've known me.

Friend: That's not true. When I first met you, you were a naive little fucknut.

Me: And now I'm just a fucknut?

Friend: Exactly!


kmwthay said...

hey. at least now you know. Sometimes blatant honesty is the only way. :)

2 Dollar Productions said...

Fucknut is a good one . . . hadn't heard that in a long time. And I meant to remark the other day, but that Back to the Hotel by N2 Deep really took me back to an even longer time ago. Ha. Big song back in the day.