Thursday, November 12, 2009

Holdin' hands in the rain s-sayin' words like "I love ya', d-d-do you love me?"

Here's a new music compilation for your listening pleasure.

Just Gotta Be Brave Enough (click to download the zip file)
1. Wicked Blood - Sea Wolf
2. You And I - Wilco
3. Painting By Chagall - The Weepies
4. On The Wing - Owl City
5. Be Here - Red Shepherd
6. My Timing Is Off - Eels
7. Tell Me Something I Don't Know - The Thrills
8. Kick Drum Heart - The Avett Brothers
9. Ether - Verbana
10. Lasso - Phoenix
11. Good Ol' Boredom - Built To Spill


TROLL Y2K said...

You do know that there was good music produced before 2009, right?

steph said...

awesome. also? sea wolf is on the new moon soundtrack. how does that make you feel about douche-y vampires?

Manuel said...


Native Minnow said...

Troll, I do know that. In fact, some of the music on that list goes back a full decade. I know it's not quite the '70s, but it's not all '09.

Steph, Sea Wolf is awesome, even if they are going to be associated with douchey vampires.

Manuel, is that a good 'hmmmm' or a bad 'hmmmm'?

2 Dollar Productions said...

I just started reading about Owl City (which probably means I'm way behidn the curve, but . . . ) - are they any good?

Boxer said...

everytime you post a list, I hand it to Mr. Boxer and he loves them.

Native Minnow said...

$2, Owl City is okay. He has some good songs, but certainly won't be on my favorite artists of all time list. The music is kind of fun though.

Boxer, glad to hear it.