Monday, January 11, 2010

The day I realized I wanted to spend my life with you

I recently learned a method that some guys use to remember anniversaries. They save the receipts from every first date they go on. That way, should things work out, they have something to refer back to in case they need to remember the date. Supposedly women are impressed when guys can remember that stuff.

I've never had a problem remembering what I did on a first date with someone, but sometimes I do have trouble remembering what day it was. Part of that might be because I've always felt like anniversaries should only be celebrated by married people (or perhaps couples engaged to be married), because how do you decide what date to celebrate otherwise? The day you met? The day you first kissed? The day you decided to become exclusive? It all seems rather arbitrary. Keeping receipts seems like too much effort anyway, so it's not likely that I'll start using that method* anytime soon, but it did get me thinking. If saving a receipt helps get you brownie points if things work out, what do you do when things don't? I assume most guys just throw the receipts away once it's become obvious there will be no more dates with a specific woman. But they shouldn't. Instead, they should be able to use those receipts to get a refund**.

Bought a woman a drink, but didn't get her number? Refund.

Went to a chick flick, but she wouldn't hold your hand? Refund.

Took her to a nice dinner, but she didn't kiss you goodnight? Refund.

Weekend getaway at a bed and breakfast, but you ended up fighting the whole time? Refund.

Paid for a hotel room, but the cops busted down the door to arrest you for soliciting a prostitute before you were able to seal the deal? Refund.

Seems fair enough, right?

*Not like I date that many women anyway.

**I mean, after all, if you can get a refund on a rollercoaster ride, you should be able to get a refund on a date that went wrong.


Amber said...

I always celebrate the first date, but only the annual anniversary, though I sort of keep track of the month-aversaries too but just for fun

Kymical Reactions said...

this keeping track thing is sooo damn girly and for the birds. Not the fishes. I keep track of the day I got married, and so far I've only had to do that once. We didn't even do anything special, other than say "hum. it's only been a year? seems like so much longer."

steph said...

it seems like it would be a lot more work to keep the receipt and remember to check it than it would be to remember the actual date.

and anniversaries celebrations? like valentines's day (barf). you should be happy and thankful every day. or at least something like that.

Bill From Gainesville said...

sign me up for the refund part