Friday, January 08, 2010

Heart attack, heart attack man

I had a bit of a scare yesterday when I got this in an email from the Graduate Affairs Coordinator: Are you going to place a Spring 2010 Graduation Application in my mailbox?

I wrote back: I already graduated, didn't I?

She didn't respond, so I tore open one of the official transcripts I purchased the other day to send out with job applications. My graduation date is, in fact, stamped at the top, so I don't think they're taking my degree back.

But if they did, I wouldn't have to worry about paying back student loans, would I?


Boxer said...

I graduated short three credits and when I got the diploma/etc. I thought "can they take it back when they figure it out?" A few years later I went back and took a five credit class. The woman in the office couldn't understand why I INSISTED it be added to my transcipt. She said "but you've graduated, why does it matter?" and all I said was,

"it matters, trust me."

steph said...

that would give me a heart attack, too.

and damn student loans. grrr....i think i will be paying them off forever.

TROLL Y2K said...

Yet another position that could be eliminated from the taxpayer-paid Educratic Bureaucracy. "Graduate Affairs Coordinator". Why do I get the feeling there's also some "Assistant Graduate Affairs Coordinators" and a "Dean of Graduate Affairs".?

AGAC: Spent 7 years studying something useless.

GAG: Spent 7 years studying something useless and has seniority.

DAGA: Spent 7 years studying something useless and has the most seniority.

Taxpayer: SCREWED!

Kymical Reactions said...

They just want more of your money. Maybe they were hoping YOU forgot you graduated.

Anonymous said...

Melissa found out that she hadn't actually graduated either when she applied for her Master's Program...and she had to take an additional class or two to make it official. Of course she had a diploma and they told her she graduated, but in reality she hadn't...

Manuel said...

take the degree and run