Thursday, March 04, 2010

Yeah I will take these old shoes to get to you

Mr M: Hi Dad. Thanks for the shoes you sent. You know those white ones?

Me: Yeah.

Mr M: They make me run really fast.

Me: That's cool. I thought you might say that. Did you think that purple swoosh on the side was cool?

Mr M: What purple swoosh?

Me: The thing right on the side of the shoes.

Mr M: You mean that blue thing?

Me: It's not blue, it's purple.

Mr M: No it's not. It's blue.

Me: It's purple. Are we going to have to send you back to Kindergarten so you can learn your colors?

Mr M: I know my colors, Dad. It's blue.

Me: Ask your mom what color it is.

Mr M: Ok. Mom, what color is this?

My Ex: Purplish.

Mr M: See? They're blue.

It's like talking to a Creationist.


2 Dollar Productions said...

The Creationist line made me laugh out loud, although the previous post was a good one too. I've always thought about getting a pedicure because I hate to cut my toenails. Too bad you didn't get a pic w/ either of the two women in there . . .

Amber said...

I love that kid, he is the coolest!

Dee Ice Hole said...

Whatta Boy!!!

steph said...

that's cute.

Boxer said...

I laughed at the Creationist comment too and think you are color blind.

Heff said...

Obviously took lessons from my kid.

Lindsay Logic said...

He's too cute. Your kids are cool!