Tuesday, May 25, 2010

And I believe there's a way to describe the silence as a sound

I've compiled another music mix for my your listening pleasure. Check it out. These only show up here once every six months or so.

Just One In A Billion(click to download)
1. Bad Sun - The Bravery
2. Lover's Waltz - A.A. Bondy
3. Keep It Clean - Camera Obscura
4. Long Time - Deer Tick
5. Pavement Tune - The Frames
6. Flashing Red Light Means Go - The Boxer Rebellion
7. So Lonely - The Whigs
8. Sirens - The Whip
9. Poised And Ready - Brendan Benson
10. Apple Trees - Eels
11. Sabali (Paul Epworth Remix) - Amadou and Mariam



Heff said...

I have heard NONE of these, so I may be busy for awhile....

nobich said...

Me too!!

Amber said...

I always like your mixes :) Thanks!

Boxer said...

I always send your lists to Mr. Boxer. He's a big music fan. Thanks.

Lightning Strikes said...

Is this the one you sent me? Cause I freaking love it, I listened to it all the way to the parents' house, and I am STILL listening to it :D