Monday, August 09, 2010

Hate me, do it and do it again

Girl 1: I knew a lot of girls in school that were skanks but claimed to be virgins. How can you still call yourself a virgin if you've done everything else?

Me: That all depends on what your definition of sex is. My doppelganger has argued that oral doesn't count. Does it?

Girl 1: Of course it counts.

Girl 2: I agree with her. After all, if I were to shove a cookie* in your mouth that you didn't want, then I technically raped you.

Me: Well, that would assume there'd be a cookie in this world that I wouldn't want in my mouth.

Guy: True. You can't rape the willing.

* In this case the cookie is not a metaphor.


Heff said...

How very "Clinton-esque" of you !

Bill From Gainesville said...

cookie rape is one of the most under reported crime out there...

Pauline said...

Is there an "Overheard in Vegas"? Because I strongly recommend you submit this one as an entry! LOL