Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You are not easily swayed if swayed means moved

Oh. Hi there. Remember me? I'm the guy who never posts on his blog anymore. But if you can find it within yourself to forgive me, I have a perfectly good explanation. I've been busy trying to enjoy summer. See?

It all started with my boss asking me to go on a collecting trip. Five days through some gorgeous areas: Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. Well, they're all gorgeous except for Wyoming. The only good part of Wyoming is the Grand Tetons:

And Yellowstone National Park:

The rest of Wyoming is pretty desolate. Here's a picture I took of Wyoming's most populated area:

Colorado was pretty cool, except for the suicidal deer we encountered.

I have a picture of the deer too, but won't make you sad by posting it. Luckily, the car was still drivable and we were able to finish the trip. We even made it until the last night before getting pulled over for missing a headlight. The cop let us off with a warning, but then, ten minutes later, we got pulled over again. The second cop just laughed at us, told us we had two more speed traps to make it through, so to drive slowly through town, but then to run like hell once we made it past those. He was alright.

Sure, I've been back for over a week now, but I've been doing some other things. Like going on hikes to mountain lakes:

And waterfalls:

It's all part of my master plan to actually start enjoying my life again. It's sort of working.


Boxer said...

I love your master plan and have been following you on FB. THANK YOU for not posting a picture of the deer. (sad face)

and I'm glad you're back to blogging.

Inklings said...

Beautiful pictures. I need to start enjoying life again, too, starting with what is left of this summer. said...

Love your pics & am pretty sure I've been to that spot in Wyoming. Or was that the spot? Dunno- they all look the same.
The girl who posts less than you.