Monday, July 11, 2011

Let's start at the beginning, let's go back to square one, I never loved you, I've never loved anyone

Remember that ridiculous Vegas wedding I attended a few years ago? The one where everyone dressed up like pimps? The one with a porno actress in attendance? (Come to think of it, I may have neglected to mention that when I blogged about it before.) Well, my sister came across a calendar featuring said porn actress. Of course she bought it. Of course she mailed it to me. Of course I'm blogging about it.

If you had told me it was possible to make a lingerie/swimsuit calendar with zero negative sex appeal when I was younger, I'd have thought you were insane. Yet, somehow, this exists:













There were actually two that she sent. One was for me, one was for a friend of hers that was also at the wedding. She told me to pick my "favorite" and send the other on to him. It rained the day they were delivered. So I kept this one, not because I liked it best, but because several of the pages were stuck together, and I couldn't have her friend thinking he'd been the unwilling recipient of a "used" calendar.

I'll go away now.


Boxer said...

WTF. I know Heff wouldn't kick these pictures out of his home, but the lighting is HORRIBLE. I blame the photographer, clearly not a professional and it looks like he/she didn't even have decent equipment/etc.

Smart to keep the damaged one, however. That's really classy of YOU.

AnoMALIE said...

The photoshop job on June is tripping me out.
And I feel for that horse in the last photo... poor thing's bowing its head in shame, and the photographer STILL didn't get the hint. tsk tsk

PsychDoctor said...

They are local Utah photos...several were shot at Saltaire... they suck

Michele1L said...

Wow, that's funny. GIRNF! :)

Anonymous said...

i'm in love with january