Thursday, June 14, 2012

Leavin' without you, can't say no

About a week and a half ago, The Model who I'm not exactly seeing anymore but not exactly NOT seeing anymore was invited to play a show in LA by a musician friend of hers who has been hanging out with her a lot and helping her with her music.

Without going into too many of the details, after their show on Friday he wanted to get a hotel room with her.  She declined.  Apparently she thought they were only friends, but he thought they were more than that.  When she refused to get a room with him, he freaked out, threw her phone, laptop, and money out the window, and sped through downtown LA, running red lights so she couldn't get out of the car.  He then drove her to Sacramento against her will.  Luckily she was able to get away from him eventually and call the police for help.  I shudder to think of other ways it could have ended.

I found out about it the day after he was arrested when she got computer access and emailed me.  She was online later that night, so I was able to chat with her for a bit:

Me:  I'm so sorry that happened to you.  Anything I can do to help?

Her:  Come get me?  Hold me all the way home?

Me:  If you're serious, I'll do it.  I could leave right now and be there by about seven in the morning if I drove all night.

Her:  I couldn't ask you to do that - drive a thousand miles for me.

Me:  I would.  I wouldn't mind.  I wouldn't even make it awkward or abduct you or anything.

Her:  How is that even funny* right now?

*It was totally funny.


Heff said...

Well, I laughed at it, anyway.

Boxer said...

Did you go?

LA to Sacramento is a very long drive even under the best of circumstances. :-(

Native Minnow said...

She considered it, but opted to fly back instead once her mom sent her money.

She is traumatized, obviously, but should be ok once she gets some counseling.

Lightning Strikes said...

I'm not gonna lie I still laughed. I hope she gets over this whole thing! What a creep!

~Kris said...

It was funny. Humor is needed Even in crappy situations

Anonymous said...

When did she find time to pee while being abducted for a six to seven hour drive?

I smell bullshit and I don't think it stained any panties.

Amber said...

the fact that you WOULD do that, and she doesn't marry you right away means you are way too good for her