Saturday, October 11, 2008

She's got hands like a mans with hair on the back, she'll crush you in her embrace

I have a friend who is preparing to take his comprehensive exam. He's sworn off alcohol from now until he takes them so that he can maximize productivity, even on weekends. He will, however, still come hang out with us because he's got about a month between now and then and outright panic hasn't set in yet. Last night we were hanging out, but the place we were at was pretty dead so there was talk about going elsewhere.

Friend 1: Let's get out of here.
Friend 2: Ok, but where should we go?
Friend 1: I don't know. Anywhere but here. This place is dead.
Friend 2: Want to go to the trannie bar?
Friend 1: I don't know. Do they serve O'Doul's there?
Friend 3: Wait. He wants to go to a trannie bar, and your biggest concern is whether or not they have O'Doul's? I think there are larger issues at stake.

I guess some people just have different priorities than others.


Heff said...

I'm a little concerned that some people actually ask for O'Doul's.

deputymomof6 said...

I am concerned that someone would actually bring up going to a trannie bar. Though to be honest, I think that it would give me something to talk about for years to come.

2 Dollar Productions said...

I'm in agreement that there are larger issues at stake here than whether or not they serve O'Douls. And in the brief periods where I wasn't drinking, I still didn't order that stuff as I'd rather drink water.

BSH ADMIN said...

I notice that you did not name your friends there. I take that to mean you were the one suggesting the trannie bar. Am I right?