Sunday, April 19, 2009

There's always someone out there cooler than you

Yesterday was Tortellini's birthday. Her mom took care of the cake (although my roommate's son bailed her out on the frosting job):

I took care of getting her what struck me as the shirt that was created specifically with her in mind:

(If you can't tell what's going on, go check it out at threadless.)

I fixed lunch for everybody, and then we all went to the pool. While we were there, I had this exchange with Mr M:

Mr M: Dad, Tortellini is cool.

Me: Who is more cool, Tortellini or you?

Mr M: Um. Me.

Me: How about Tortellini or Togers?

Mr M: Tortellini.

Me: Who's cooler out of me and Togers?

Mr M: Togers.

Me: Me and Tortellini?

Mr M: Tortellini.

Me: How about me or your mom?

Mr M: You.

Ex: What*?!? How can that be?

Mr M (very matter of factly): Mom. You don't have a X-Box.

*This is about a hundred times funnier if you know exactly how fiercely loyal Mr M is to his mother. He got mad at me and the guy who cuts my hair because we said he could do a better job cutting Mr M's hair than his mom could do. He wouldn't talk to either of us for about ten minutes. He doesn't think jokes about her are funny, even if she laughs at them. It's good to know that an X-Box overrides all of that.


Boxer said...

Boys that are loyal to their Momma break my heart.

Amber said...

Very cute - that shirt is very her! I love that she had an Oscar the Grouch cake! You and your kids are all very cool! :) said...

Your daughter's gonna be a hottie. Are you prepared for that? (ps- is the blog title from "The Waltons"? If it is- my esteem of you just tripled. Quoting a Canadian band= good karma.

Manuel said...

xbox eh...that's all it takes?......superb news

Bill From Gainesville said...

having an X-Box does make you way cool, but the Wii game still lurks

Bunny Hugger said...

If you want to be the GIRL CHILDS favorite then you should really get a Wii. I'm actually quite certain this would improve your status with all women...

Native Minnow said...

Togers has a Wii. I guess technically, Mr M and I both do too, but Togers has the kind you can actually play Guitar Hero on.

That's probably what made Togers cooler than me.

Lightning Strikes said...

That's definitely what made Togers cooler than you...Guitar Hero is one of the greatest games!

Chico said...

No, I think being BORN made me cooler than you.