Thursday, July 16, 2009

The late night girls are anxious and they're coming out to play

Friend: So, the last girl who apparently knows me from high school and sent me a friend request on facebook just tried friending me again after I denied her last one. WTF, people? I have no idea who you are.

Me: That's pretty funny. She totally wants your hog.

Friend: Well, she can't have it.

Me: Don't tell me that, tell her. Send her an email back saying, "YOU CAN'T HAVE MY HOG - STOP ASKING!!!"


Heff said...

Offer the Hog, but NOT the Friend Request.

Boxer said...

What Heff said.

kmwthay said...

Tell him to tell her she can have the hog if it's between two buns. :?

2 Dollar Productions said...

He should post that as a Facebook status update. Ha. Hog is a good term I think should be used more. This is another reason I'm not on Facebook.