Friday, October 23, 2009

Always a swing and a miss

Tonight I was sitting at a table with a group of friends when two guys walked over to our table, apologized for interrupting, but then asked if they could get a picture with me. When I gave them a puzzled look as to why, they said it was because they were in the military and I looked like a young Bill Clinton. I felt ridiculous, but agreed to pose with them.

Then their friends found out, and three more guys came over to see if they could take one too. They even offered to buy me a drink to make up for the fact that they were intruding. I posed with them, but declined any "payment."

They were there celebrating someone's birthday. A few minutes later, birthday girl came over and requested that I come to their table and take a picture with the entire group (about twelve people). I obliged. I was paying more attention to the photographer and to the people surrounding me than I was to the girl herself, so I didn't realize she had leaned over so that her pose simulated her giving me oral. I'm pretty sure that picture is going to be on someone's facebook page. Lovely.

If I had any game whatsoever, I would've at least gotten a number. But I don't. So I didn't even try.


steph said...

that is awesome and you totally could have gotten a number.

i almost wrote you totally could have gotten oral, on accident. but that is probably true, too!

Boxer said...

you can always hire yourself out as a Bill Look-a-like.

(and btw, you really do look like him, but that's a good thing.)

Anonymous said...

Did she have a blue dress?

kmwthay said...

Always the good sport. You should definitely consider using your looks to your benefit. Girls do it all the time. ;)

Anonymous said...

that's a pretty awesome story, no doubt

TROLL Y2K said...

You have GOT to get a copy of that picture. Dude, it's SO easy to tell you weren't a bidness major.

C-A-P-I-T-A-L-I-Z-E on your look.

Do a whole series of fun "young Bill Clinton" photos.

kmwthay said...

Troll is right. "young Bill Clinton" photos would make an awesome FB album. But then you should also blog about them so we all can see.