Wednesday, January 06, 2010

So sentimental, not sentimental no

Once again, it's time to share the highlights from my TA evaluations from last semester. As always, these are taken verbatim from the evaluations themselves, so don't blame me for spelling and grammatical errors.

The Lab
What was your favorite lab exercise? Why?
- Pig disection. We Disected a PIG!
- Push ups. It gets me pumped.
- Invertebrate diversity I and II. Because worms, clams, and crawfish are probably the most exciting organisms to dissect. Also the starfish gonads get me excited.

Which lab experienced was most informative and educational for you?
- [Field Trip]. On the ride up, a fellow student said to his friend, "Why does anyone come out here? There's nothing out here, and Vegas is 15 min away!" I learned people can be dumb. And I'm a biased jerk.

What was your least favorite lab exercise? Why?
- Everything with plants, hate plants.
- Invertebrates =( gross

What is the major weakness of the lab?
- The pine cones suck
- Some ppl suck

The Laboratory Instructor
How would you rate your lab instructor as a teacher?
- Bill Clinton!

Assess your lab instructor's knowledge about the topics covered
- Pro!!!
- Freakishly thorough
- He knew everything we needed to know . . . and nothing more.
- He is smart, yo!

Assess your lab instructor's examination policy, fairness, and grading.
- Very fair! Especially in all situations.

What were his/her strong points?
- Being a damn good man.
- You are awesome, [Minnow]! Hot and helpful.
- Pure awesomeness.
- Euthuastic*

How could he/she improve?
- By giving me more 10/10.
- Listen to better music. Just kidding! :)
- Build a time machine and convince former self to not get married.
- In every way imaginable. Just kidding. Nah, just kidding again. No, just kidding. Again.

Then there was the guy who merely wrote "I &hearts [Minnow]" across the entire page, and also signed his name. Should I be flattered? Or afraid?

*Pretty sure they meant enthusiastic.


Anonymous said...

I love the build a time machine one. lol.

steph said...

i love these!! ha.

Ryan said...

Be flattered. If they'd written "Minnow" instead of your actual name, I'd say be very afraid of this crafty person.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Kymical Reactions said...

do you give your students quizzes about what music you listen too? Do you get new music tips from them?

Gypsy said...

Well done Minnow. I think this means you are officially THE MAN.

TROLL Y2K said...

"Which lab experienced was most informative and educational for you?"

Yo, you can't blame the kids for the clumsy diction in the sentence above, yo!

Native Minnow said...

Oops. Troll, that was a typo that I made here, not on the form they filled out. Sorry about that.

Amber said...

my favorite was the "hot and helpful" comment LOL I think you should put that on your dating resume ;>

Boxer said...

I'm with Amber.

and no one mentioned the earring?

Anonymous said...

Who comes on a blog and rates the creativity??? Weirdos...

2 Dollar Productions said...

These are always great. You should make them fill them out more often. "starfish gonads get me excited" might be my favorite and could be fit for a t-shirt, but he is smart, yo has to make you feel good. Have a good weekend Minnow, yo. said...

The name didn't have your home address under it, did it? If not, I'd go with flattered.

mindy said...

Those are great! I always love these. "Very fair. Especially in all situations." Good thing you aren't teaching a writing lab!