Sunday, February 07, 2010

And I believe there's a way to describe the silence as sound

Today I accidentally hit the 'notes' button on my ipod touch, and saw a few notes my kids wrote while we were en route to my grandmother's funeral in December.

Like this one from Tortellini:

Hi Dad you suck. Just saying. I hope you never get this because you're such a butt face. And I can't believe I have to sit here next to you on this ten hour road trip. You suck, you suck, you suck. Even [Togers] and [Mr M] think so but they won't say anything because they're too chicken. Also, they don't have the itouch. Because I am cool so I get to choose the music. And you're not cool, because you're a loser. And now we're listening to "Know Your Enemy" by Rage Against The Machine. Do you want to know why I chose this song? Because I know my enemy, and it's you. So shut up. Oh yeah, and the real reason [Mr M] has to pee every ten minutes is because I'm giving him super pee drinks. Bye.

And this one from Togers:

Hi Dad, it's [Togers]. I just thought I'd let you know that you are a butt. Not a butthead, a butt, because butts don't have heads. And just by the way, you aren't fooling anyone, we all know that you are a dinosaur. If I had a dog that was as ugly as you I'd shave its butt and teach it to walk backwards. So shut up you buttface. Go poop your pants or something.

But this one was my favorite:


Bahahaha I know I scared you ;)

I miss my little brats.


Boxer said...

you have the right priority right now.

Anonymous said...

Go poop your pants or something...quite fitting for "Uncle Poopy-Pants"

Amber said...

your kids are too funny!

Lightning Strikes said...

Lol gotta love those kids! Miss they're faces!

2 Dollar Productions said...

My favorite part was the insidious (sp?) plan with the super pee drinks. Genius.

Anonymous said...


Vivalacrap! said...

I am actually pretty impressed that your progeny know about Rage Against the Machine because that shit is from like 1997 before they were born. You should tell them they aren't allowed to listen to that music because it reminds you of all the time before they came along and ruined your life.