Thursday, April 29, 2010

Forget about feelings, that's not what pays

Student (about to turn in his lab final): How can we find out our grades?

Me: I'll have them posted outside the lab sometime tomorrow.

Student: Is there any chance for extra credit?

Me: No.

Student: You need your car washed or anything?

Me: No.

Student: Need a tall blonde girl? I could see about sending a hottie your way.

Me: No, I think I'm good.

Another student approached me and said that the one who made the "offer" shoots porno films.

Which means he probably could've delivered the goods.

Which means . . .



Amber said...

I was surprised you didn't jump at that offer either!

Inklings said...

Maybe that you didn't really want an STD?

Heff said...

Scribble "see me in my office" on his paper, stat !

vivalacrap said...

If he is so good at porn what is he doing in college? I bet he just takes pictures of his sister in the shower and says he a makes porn cuz it sounds better than just being a perv.

2 Dollar Productions said...

You've got to take the spoils of teaching where you can get them - it's a moral imperative. And post about them too. Ha.