Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Black chick, white guy

Last night at pub trivia:

Question: In the book Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, what was the name of the runaway slave who teams up with Huck on his voyage down the Mississippi River?

Friend 1: It's Nigger Jim*.

Me: I'm just going to put Jim.

Friend 1: I think you have to put down the whole name.

Friend 2: But I don't like that word.

Me: I don't either.

Friend 1: Just put it down so we don't lose a point.

Me: Fine.

Friend 3 (who is African American): I can't believe you wrote that. Racist.

Me: If I have sex with you later will that make up for it?

Friend 3: Sure.

Later she passed me a note: You ready to pop the cork on this bitch?

*Apparently this is the name used by many critics and has been perpetuated ever since, but never appears in the book itself. Thank you Wikipedia!


AnoMALIE said...

so it was correct? :X How sad! :(

Heff said...

Look. In the name of trying to get a Trivia answer correct, I think you did THE RIGHT THING.

...and I'm assuming you got some "coffee for your cream" later ?!?!

OK, that wasn't very nice either.....

I digress.

Brian Smart said...

Reminds me of the MASH film; the black guy who shared the tent with Hawkeye and Trapper was Spearchucker Jones was it not? Not sure how they got away with that name. said...

I hear shit like this and i immediately have "Blazing saddles" flashbacks!
back in the day, huh?