Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Baby, Baby, Baby Bitch

Yesterday I was talking with one of the graduate students (who happens to be female) as we walked into the departmental office. I don't remember what led up to this exchange, so you have to start kind of in the middle. It's okay. I'm sure the 'introductory' conversation was boring anyway.

Me: It's because you're such a smart girl. Wait, I should say woman instead of girl, huh?

Female Grad Student: You should.

Me: I know. I use the word 'girl' all the time, because I never think about it not being politically correct. I always seem to forget that bitches don't like to be called girls.

Female Professor (laughing): I can't believe you just said that. I could bring a sexual harassment suit against you.

Me: No you couldn't. I don't work here anymore.

Female Professor: Good point.

Me: You could, however, call the cops and have me arrested for trespassing*.

* I still have a key. I'm pretty sure I could beat the rap.


Heff said...

Where I come from, the term "smart girl" is a double negative. They'll take yer ass downtown for that, too.

2 Dollar Productions said...

First, traffic is the worst time suck in the universe - every single time. Avoid it at all costs Minnow. Leave early or late or not at all because it's not worth it.

Anyway, as for this post, the trespassing would probably be better to have against on permanent record than the harassment. That one would be easier to explain away on your next job interview . . .

Bill From Gainesville said...

You are a beacon of political correctness.... said...

I agree with Bill.
(But if you still have a key- they're pretty much asking for whatever you feel like dishing out. I suggest hot tub and bbq party in one of the classes.)

steph said...

i always call people girls and boys, maybe guys, but never men and women. i don't think i will ever see myself as a woman.

vivalacrap said...

bwahahaa. Inappropriateness is so fucking awesome. My best class ever is when a teacher had to explain what a golden shower was to the class. I was REALLY hoping that would be on the test. It was not.

Oh BTW, Suck it the fuck up and get AT&T. I had an iphone and now I have the newest most excellent droid and I fucking hate it from the depths of my soul.