Sunday, August 01, 2010

So come on baby, just give me the fix

I had dinner at a Thai restaurant last weekend. My fortune cookie contained a fortune that read, "You will find luck when you go home."

I looked and looked, but didn't find it.

Unless you count the granola bar I found in the cupboard and ate.

I'd rather get a fortune that says one of the following though:

- Your student loans will be paid off in full by an anonymous donor.

- Your car has been replaced in the parking lot - Drive the Ferrari home.

- You will find a duffel bag containing half a million dollars.

- You will meet Sasha Grey and she will be very interested in teaching you a few tricks.


elbee said...

Yes, but she'll also give you the herpes while she's at it.

Heff said...

Whenever I eat Thai, my fortune cookie always says "You will soon hear a loud splatter".

Anonymous said...

sasha grey? really? watch the vids to learn the tricks, but find a clean partner. seriously. there are so much better out there.

steph said...

porn stars should always be found inside fortune cookies.

personally, i would like the money.

Michele1L said...

That may have been a very lucky granola bar containing some as-of-yet undiscovered supernatural pheromone that renders beautiful porn stars powerless to your masculine wiles. Consider.

Boxer said...

I'm a little surprised you had a granola bar in your house and I'm thinking it was left by the previous tenant.

PsychDoctor said...

Looked up Sasha Gray far as porn stars go...I think you could do better... :)