Monday, December 06, 2010

It's times like these you learn to give again

I went to visit my sister this weekend. Yesterday morning, we decorated gingerbread men. My sister was drawing on one of them with the frosting dispenser (I have no idea what those things are really called).

I said, "Give it boobs."

My sister said, "No."

My two year old niece said, "Yes!"

My sister didn't do it.

Later, when my two year old niece was decorating her next cookie, she told me she wanted me to put a star on it (one of the frosting dispensers was star shaped). She showed me where she wanted it, so I put it there.

Then she said, "That's a boob!"

I'm a great influence.


Boxer said...

it won't be so funny when she's in school next week decorating cookies.

but you're a funny uncle.

Heff said...

Sound like that gingerbread woman was a mouthful !

Lillie said...

Everyone understands the joy of boobs. ESPECIALLY 2 year olds!

daisy said...

Next year you should move on to vaginas.

Lightning Strikes said...

Hahaha that's hilarious! Love her!