Sunday, February 27, 2011

What we've got here is failure to communicate. Some men you just can't reach.

I got this email a few months ago. I meant to post it then, but somehow it got buried in my inbox. Better late then never though, right? Enjoy!

I hope to hear from you again

I am glad for your answer. How do you today? I am a young girl, a good search, sexy figure of an ideal body. My country of Darfur, Sudan. My height is about 5.11 meters tall, fair in person, I at one time, I live in a refugee camp in Dakar as a result of political crisis and civil war is happening in my country, Sudan. My father and mother were shot and killed in the war my late father, Dr. Korren Annan became director general of Korren & Partners (Ltd), and it was a personal konsultantna Sudanese (President Omar al-Bashir), after which the rebels attacked our house, and in the early morning killing of my mother and my father in cold blood. It is only me that is alive, and I managed my way to the next country Senegal, where I live now in a refugee camp, and that the computer belongs to the pastor of the church here in the camp.

My Hobbies:
Swimming, music, cooking and reading.
My likes: honesty and simplicity
I do not like: lies and disappointment

I would like to know more about you. Your likes and dislikes, hobbies and what you do now.
I will tell you more about myself in my next post. Here are some of my paintings. Regards - Jessica

Perhaps I should've responded?


Michele1L said...

Wow, she is an amazingly talented painter...those look almost like photographs!

PsychDoctor said...


Amber said...

yes you should've I bet you won the lottery and didn't even know it!!

Kymical Reactions said...

It's a ninja. :)

Boxer said...

are you 100% sure those picture are really her? I have a feeling if you had responded she'd be asking you for $$.

Still.... kinda hot.

Native Minnow said...

Yeah, Boxer, you nailed it. No way it's actually her. It's some dude at the other end of that email. Some dude who was eventually going to hit me up for some bank account information to get a "green card" or something. But I totally would hit that ;-)

PsychDoctor said...

She's just a chunky, less good looking Eva Longoria...right up your alley...