Thursday, March 03, 2011

You wanna know about atrocity?

A few nights ago a girl from my lab came over to my house so I could show her how to run some analyses*. She lives on the next street, so we figured it would be easier to meet at my house and I could show her on my computer rather than try to meet on campus. We went over a few different things, and it was pretty late by the time she got ready to leave.

After she put her coat on and opened the front door she pulled out some pepper spray so she could have it at the ready.

Me: You carry that out all the time when you're walking at night?

Her: I do in this neighborhood. It's sketchy. My roommate told me there was another rape on that trail behind my house.

Me: More recently than the one last Fall?

Her: Yeah. I mean, I didn't verify it by watching the news or anything, but it creeps me out.

Just then I noticed that her car wasn't parked in front of my house.

Me: Wait. You didn't drive?

Her: I can't drive a block.

Me: Sure you can. Especially when it's cold and rapey out.

Her: Well, my car's cold too.

Me: Yeah, but it's not rapey.

*Not a euphemism for anything**.



Amber said...

i agree you should always drive when it's rape-y out

Lindsay Logic said...

Did you tell her that guns work better than pepper spray? ;)

Lightning Strikes said...

I would definitely drive a block...especially if it's rapey out...but I agree with LL that guns work better :D

Boxer said...

you are really one smooth guy.

vivalacrap said...

Walking when its rapey is no excuse to drive a block. That shit is bad for the Earth. Damn.

mindy said...

"cold and rapey". That makes me laugh and then feel bad for laughing.

Lillie said...

I don't know, I got rufied by a Honda Civic once.