Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or treat 'til the neighbors gonna die of fright

Mr M wanted to dress up as a zombie for Halloween this year.  Some friends of mine said they had a zombie costume that their son wore a few years ago that I could borrow, so I didn't put a lot of effort into making one for Mr M.  Until yesterday, when they said they'd looked everywhere and couldn't find it.

Not wanting Mr M to be the only one in his class that didn't dress up for the Halloween party at school*, I had to start scrambling to put something together.  I called my ex-wife and said that she should start looking around for old clothes that we could tear up and cover with fake blood and mud or something.

Then Togers got an idea:  Mr M has an army jacket with a 'zombie killer' patch.  Togers suggested that Mr M wear torn and bloody clothes, but wear that jacket too, so it would be like he was a zombie killer that got overpowered and turned into a zombie himself.

Mr M nixed that idea.

When asked why he didn't want to do that he simply said, "A normal zombie would have more dignity."

*After my ex-wife drove him all the way to my house so we could go pick out some fake blood and make-up, Mr M informed us that he wasn't going to dress up for school anyway, just for trick-or-treating later, so the "scrambling" was done in vain anyway.


Boxer said...

My nephew is going as a Zombie this year and we spent some time on Sunday "killing" an old jacket from Goodwill. Then a trip to the costume store for makeup/blood/etc. We also bought an old tux shirt and splattered it with blood. His "story" is he was an international playboy, returning home from a cocktail party and was turned into a Zombie. I gave him Mr. Boxer's bow tie and I really, really hope it comes back without blood. I think your kid is funny.

Native Minnow said...

I LOVE the backstory for you nephew! You're an awesome aunt.

When I saw your comment I got all excited that you were blogging again, but was disappointed when I tried to visit and it was still shut down. I hope you're doing well.

Lightning Strikes said...

Oh boy leave it to Mr M :) haha Love that kid!