Wednesday, October 29, 2008

You know that dying is fine but maybe I wouldn't like death if death were good

This week the students are dissecting starfish. I explained to them that the easiest way to do things was to forget the scalpel and just use scissors. Later, one of them drew this on the board:

Awesome! Poor Patrick Star doesn't even know what's coming.

In a later lab, a student was digging around in the bucket trying to get the last starfish out. Instead, he dropped the tongs into a bucketful of preservative and starfish juice. He didn't want to fish the tongs out because he said it was too gross. I told the rest of the class that it was close to Halloween anyway, so the rest of them were going to have to bob for starfish. Oddly enough, that didn't get the party started.


A.B. said...

oooh, I like starfish. You carve them up? This is why I stayed away from the Sciences when I picked my degree... too much carving.

silentkid said...

Were any of the starfish purple?

Heff said...

I never realized Patrick was a Starfish. I just thought he was a dumb lardass.

Ginger said...

I loved the picture of Patrick!

elbee said...

Will he still stay in the shape of a star? Is he radially symmetrical? (Or is it symmetrically radial...)

I liked the starfish quiz. It was very...informative. :P